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Benefits Of Organic Grinding Natural Stone Flour Mill

Benefits Of Organic Grinding Natural Stone Flour Mill

Flour comes in a wide range of varieties. The type of flour used to bake various products is important to the end product's appearance, flavor, texture, and nutritional value. We appreciate utilizing Certified Organic stoneground flour because of the exceptional nutritional richness and unique taste it adds to our sourdough. Discover what makes this traditional milled flour, which goes back to ancient times, so special!

Organic Grinding Natural Stone Flour Mill is based on hand - operated ancient grinding technique. This breakthrough allows flour to be ground at a very low temperature, preserving all of the original nutrients and aroma.

Organic low-temperature grinding flour mill made entirely of natural stone for cold-press flour and spices. This approach produces healthier flour than machine ground flour, and it does not heat up during the grinding process. The texture of the flour may also be customized to suit individual tastes. In this day and age of ultra-processed food, this option is a huge benefit. Stone flour has the highest protein, gluten, carotene, carbohydrate, calcium, phosphorus, iron, and vitamin B1.B2 content of any wheat flour. The natural nutrients & minerals in stone flour, particularly carotene and vitamin E, are 18 times higher than in other flours.

Its low-speed grinding qualities preserve the molecular structure of the flour without the need of additives. In brief, stoneground flour has a high nutritional value since it is more digestible.

The traditional stone mill consists of two round stones that have been pounded and perforated with an axe. Both are comprised of huge stones of varying thickness that have been cut into a flat cylindrical form. Grinding teeth is a term used to describe the process of extracting teeth from a twill. Stone grinding and grinding is a skilled and complicated procedure. Its logical, natural, and scientific design elements must be carefully adjusted. Some newer tools cannot replace its angle, size, and clearance.

The nutritional value of primary color flour with a little yellowish tint is greater. The yellow color of the primary color flour is because it retains a large amount of B vitamins, which is of great benefit to the human nervous system and skin tissue.

The surface of the stone flour is pale yellow while cooking noodles, but other flour-containing soups with additions are white. As a result, stone mill flour keeps the original wheat flavor, and the various pastas prepared with stone mill flour are soft, wheaty, and have a higher nutritional content, making them really natural green healthy meals.