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Food is life. Food is energy. And in the lap of Mother Earth lies all the food that nourishes life. Aujasya is an endeavour by young entrepreneurs to tap into these natural sources of life and energy. The enterprise has created a gourmet experience with plant-based, chemical free healthy food products.

Aujasya comes from the Sanskrit word ojas, meaning vigour. The principle of ojas is widely referred to in ancient Ayurvedic texts. Along with the other two forces—tejas (digestion or metabolism) and prana (breath)—ojas when circulated properly in the body leads to healthy tissues, cell regeneration and a good immune system. This is cultivated with pure and good food. And all healthy nutrients are found in plants. Our plant-based products are packed with Nature’s power to rejuvenate you and add vigour to your daily routine. And under the Aujasya brand, we offer chemical-free, toxin-free, 100% natural as well as vegan-friendly products that help everyone regain their energy and enthusiasm for life.

To ensure that everyone has access to good produce and lives a healthy life, we source our products from chemical free farms where the ingredients are found in abundance. They are cleaned, packed and stored in hygienic conditions. The products are also tested in FSSAI-approved labs so there is a complete quality check. The entire process ensures that the products are free of preservatives and retain their natural flavour and nutritional value. After all, we are what we eat. And to live the life of our dreams, we need good health.  

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